Dry Powder Artist Pigment White

White powder for cutting other powders or for use just as white. We do not import inks from China or India! All Stay True Pigments are made in the USA or Europe. This is our range of un-cut powder colours with no white added - this allows you to cut your own colour. You get exactly the shades you want in the amounts you need.Genereally, the amount of white you add is up to you, but the following guide may be of interest. It shows the amount of „white-cut“ a colour will allow. You will need to add white powder to all dry powder pigments, except red.
Color White-cut Amount
Bright Yellow 20% - 60%
Special Blue 10% - 90%
Magenta 5% - 10%
California Orange 20% - 60%
Special Green 10% - 60%
Strong Forever Green 10% - 60%
Brown 25% - 50%
Violet 80%

Artist Pigment - Künstlerfarbe. Not certified for the use of tattooing - nicht als Tattoofarbe zugelassen.